Being Agile

Project Manager, Iteration Manager. Who's Who?
August 2013 - My take on how these roles fit together on a successful team.

A Checklist for Effective User Stories
January 2013 - I can hardly imagine any other way to write the details down.

Thoughts on Moving Beyond Scrum
September 2012 - Is Agile a philosophy or a practice?

How big is a 1?
July 2012 - A post in which I suggest there may be better ways to talk about story size.

Lifecycle of a project: What's wrong with this picture?
June 2012 - A graphical view of all the things that really go on in the course of a project.

We Don't Estimate Hours!
May 2012 - My four favorite links on Agile estimation  plus my own rules-of-thumb.

Acceptance Criteria and UI Controls
March 2012 - Probably a longer post than necessary about overdoing it on Acceptance Tests.

9 x 2 Things Agile Project Managers Do
September 2011 - An attempt to describe the activities of an ideal project manager.

Tips for Improving Your Iteration Planning Meeting
August 2011 - The iteration planning meeting is not really a planning meeting, it's a status report. Here's how to do it effectively.

Why Open Source is Good
April 2010 - A two paragraph argument for collaboration.

Throughput: Changing the People
May 2009 - Do you need change the people you work with or change the way your people work?

Throughput: How Can I Get More of It?
March 2009 - Lack of throughput is usually a people or process problem.

Is there room for UCD in Agile?
March 2009 - How can designers and UCD people work effectively within an Agile project?

Is there room for UCD in Agile? part 2
March 2009 -How do you write user stories for UI work and user research?

Is there room for UCD in Agile? part 3
March 2009 -Do the UI stories count as "done", even when no software has been written?

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