Sunday, January 29, 2017

POTUS: Weeks 1 & 2 : 10 Key Things

This first week and weekend of Trump the POTUS, leave no doubt that the United States we have grown up in or emigrated to over the past 50 or more years is facing a serious threat to its survival.

I feel we are at risk of losing it - our principles, our constitutional protections and rights - all for a mere scrap of nothing. Some other guy's soup, to make a play on the biblical story.

So, for a while at least, I am going to try to document some of the key flags - events, warnings and reactions -  that I find each week. A breadcrumb trail that maybe will be useful to choosing a path forward and if not, than later can help show why things ended the way they did.

(Work in progress - outline of topics)

Inaugural Cake / He's so vain

Apparently, the Donald seemed to think the design of the cake for the inauguration was a given tradition because his team insisted on a copy of the one that appeared for Obama -- note that there is no evidence that any President before Obama had the same style of cake. (Or else we're still in grade-school and have to have exactly what Georgie/Billy/Barry had.).

Fraudulent votes (he's so vain)

After the marches, POTUS Trump found it useful to talk about fraudulent votes. Now, this was not in the context of losing the election. Usually, any discussion of voter fraud at that level is in the context of a few jurisdictions in one or a few states where the outcome will swing the whole state to one candidate or the other.  You have to win the whole state to get the electoral votes so there is no other reason to bring it up. Think of Gore vs. Bush. The question of Florida changed the outcome. 

In the 2016 election, there weren't any states that hung in such close balance that one or a combination of lower level county results could tilt it any other way but to Trump. So as Clara Peller used to say in that fabulous commercial, "Where's the Beef!??" 

There is no beef except that somebody is fixated on points and not wins. As someone who hosts a weekly confidence football pool, I know that points do count but only in the long run and only in football pools and only if you get enough to win the pot. In politics, it's all about the wins.

(To Be Added: an interesting link or two)

National Parks Service revolt

To be added: Info about the attempted crackdown on Natl Parks websites and the great big NO from anonymous park staffers.

See or follow Twitter handle: @AltNatParkService

Alleged White House staff underground & other Resistance Twitter groups

@roguePOTUSStaff  The unofficial resistance team inside the White House. We will not reveal our identity to anyone! The only way to keep a secret is to keep it a secret!

@RogueNASA   The unofficial "Resistance" team of NASA. Not an official NASA account. Not managed by gov't employees. Come for the facts, stay for the snark.

@NotAltWorld   The #Resistance team against #AltFacts #FauxNews #FauxScience. Formerly: Unofficial National Park Service. #Science #Climate #Facts ...

@altUSEPA  The Unofficial "Resistance" team of  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Not taxpayer subsidized! Environmental conditions may vary ...

@altForestServ  The unofficial, and unsanctioned, resistance team for the U.S. Forest Service. Not an official Forest Service account, not publicly funded, citizen run.

Wait! There's more ... you can figure out the agencies and departments from the initials.


And finally, there's @RogueSNRadvisor   Supposed to be a senior advisor inside the White House, but I'm not sure yet how useful this one is.

Who's paying for the wall ?

TBA: links about Mexico's great big NO.

March for Life (Russian vote on domestic violence)

TBA: several links go here

Policy effect on Farmers

TBA: a link goes here

A business leader's opinion

TBA: a link goes here

Netanyahu gets a kick in the pants

TBA: at least one link goes here

H1-B and other Visa bans

TBA: SOOOO much stuff about airport protests and the people who were affected and the legal interventions and ACLU and Customs and Border and Homeland Security Etc. to summarize and link 

National Security Council change

TBA: a link goes here

A Hashtag to know

It stands for Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and Steve Bannon.  

What does Bannon want?

TBA: Good link from dailykos shared by Jason Yip covers everything needed to know.

Acting Attorny General Takes a Stand; Gets Fired

TBA: link to NYT story.

Five books for the times

George Orwell - 1984
Janusz Nel Siedlecki - We Were in Auschwitz
Sinclair Lewis - It Can't Happen Here
Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale
Philip k. Dick - The Man in the High Castle

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